5 Ways to Fix Uneven Cooling in Your Home

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If your home has hot or cold spots, don’t sweat it.

Here are 5 expert tips to get your air conditioning unit cooling the house evenly again, so you can enjoy your Summer comfortably!

  1. CLEAR YOUR VENTS:  Remove any furniture or appliances blocking your air vents. This prevents airflow and does not allow for proper heat transfer at the indoor coil, sometimes causing the system to freeze up and shut down.

  2. ENSURE FUNCTIONAL DUCTWORK: Check your ductwork for any holes or tears that could be leaking cool air into unconditioned spaces. Also inspect the sizing of the current ductwork to make sure it is the correct size to handle the units airflow.

  3. ADD INSULATION: Adding insulation to your home improves your comfort, provides resistance to heat flow, and greatly lowers your heating and cooling costs.

  1. INSTALL A ZONING SYSTEM: Often the most effective solution for uneven cooling is to install a zoning system so you can set the temperature in each room for optimal comfort.

  2. GET A FULL SYSTEM INSPECTION: Uneven cooling could be a symptom of a larger issue like oversized equipment or short cycling, but we’re here to help evaluate what your air conditioner needs to keep you comfortable.


If you need help now, simply schedule a Full System Inspection instantly so you can stay cool all summer long.

We guarantee we can help find the best a/c solutions for you and even design custom cooling replacements and installations from trusted brands you know. 
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