How to Maintain Your Heat Pump in Florida

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Is it really that important to take care of your heat pump when you live in Florida? The answer is YES.

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Professional HVAC maintenance twice a year is an absolute must for any responsible homeowner in Florida.

However, you can also keep your system running healthy in between service calls if you pay attention to these 4 easy maintenance tips:

  1. Keep the Condensate Line Clear – Your condensate line drains out moisture and reduces humidity. As a result, the line gets dirty and clogged, which can overflow into your a/c. To stop blockages, pour a cup of bleach through the line once a month.

  2. Keep HVAC Filters Clean – Easily save up to 15% on your energy bills by replacing your filters every one to three months.

  3. Clear the Area Around the Outdoor Unit – Always keep the immediate surrounding area free of obstructions.

  4. Check Vents for Proper Airflow – Make sure all of your vents have proper airflow and that no furniture or obstructions are blocking circulation.

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