Keep Humidity Out the House in 5 Steps

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Florida = Humidity Central.

In Florida, we’re no stranger to humidity. But that doesn’t mean we invite it over for breakfast!

Your home should be a cool, comfortable oasis, where you can catch a break from the stifling heat outside. 

So if you’re really feeling the heat, here are a few ways to keep humidity out:

  1. Seal Windows and Doors – Make sure your doors and windows are all tightly sealed.

  2. Use a Dehumidifier – A standalone dehumidification system pumps moisture out and disposes it down the drain line.

  3. Check Your System’s Refrigerant – If your unit is low on refrigerant- it won’t cool effectively and humidity will prevail!

  4. Inspect Your Ductwork – Leaking or improperly fitted ductwork will stop the circulation of cool air.

  5. Install a Thermostat with Dehumidification Controls – Thermostats that can remove moisture and dehumidify your air. We can help you choose a system, and install it right the first time. 

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