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How to Use Circulating Ceiling Fans, Table Fans, and Floor Fans to Help You Save Money on Your Next Energy Bill!

Wouldn’t it be nice to save on your heating & cooling bill during this year?

As the Holiday season approaches so does the cooler weather associated with the Fall and Winter months.

During these cooler months you could be saving a good amount of money by using circulating fans like ceiling fans, portable table fans, floor fans, desktop fans, and fans mounted to poles or walls tabletop to produce a comfortable more inexpensive way of cooling your home.

Circulating fans can be a very inexpensive and effective way of cooling rooms in your home, especially when used in the most efficient way.

Think about creating a windchill


Circulating fans create what is known as a “windchill” the cool feeling on your skin when air comes in contact and blows past it.


With this simple cooling effect it is very important to know that this only affects the way people feel. A fan cannot change the actual temperature that is being shown on your home thermostat unless it’s circulating the air in a way that it is bringing cooler air in from somewhere else.


But, even in a closed room, it can still make a noticeable difference in the level of comfort that you experience.


Choosing circulating ceiling fans and portable table fans


If you have to choose, it is best to go with circulating ceiling fans.


Even though these are the more expensive choice, they are much larger and can be more effective in circulating the air around you.


Since hot air rises, a ceiling fan is also much more effective at circulating the warmer air out of a room, especially during the night time.


When choosing the right fan for your home it is best to choose a fan, it is best to look for a fan with a good Energy Star rating and has larger, fan blades to get the most air circulation while using the least amount of energy.


For multi-level homes portable table fans are a good choice in the upper levels of your home and help deliver a more effective way of circulating warm air.


Changing your thermostat


According to the United States Government at Energy.gov it is best to adjust your thermostat and raise the temperature by about 4 degrees when using a circulating fans in your home.


The windchill effect caused by the circulating fans will help makeup the for the difference in temperature, raising the thermostat temperature will help ensure that the use of energy efficient fans will help lower your energy bill during the cooler fall and winter months here in Florida.


Changing the direction of your ceiling fan as seasons change


During summer months, it is best to have the air blowing downward and more directly on you in order to experience the so called wind chill effect that your body will feel, so it is best to make sure during these warmer months that the air is blowing directly on you.


During the fall and winter months in the Tampa Bay Florida area, when the air is a little cooler outside, you really don’t need the windchill effect, so it is best to adjust the switches on your ceiling fan to make sure that the air flow is moving up.


By adjusting the direction of airflow during the cooler months of the year you will be using air circulation instead of a direct windchill cooling effect. The focus during the cooler months is to circulate warmer air out of your home drawing in the cooler air from outside.


Turn OFF the A/C system during the cooler Fall and Winter months in Florida


In order to save the most money during the cooler months here in Florida turn OFF your A/C and rely on Mother Nature and circulating fans.


During the cooler months here in Florida you can experience the most money saving on your energy bill by turning OFF your air conditioning system.


Try turning off your A/C system, open the windows in your home, and turn on the fans in your home.


Depending on your specific home and understanding how air flow works, you can save a lot of money strategically pushing air out of your home and circulating the cooler air from outside into your home.


Since each home is different, it is best to experiment with the various ways you can combine open windows and fans to best circulate the cool air in and the warm air out of your home. Trying different combinations will help you discover the very best method to help you save the most money on your next energy bill.


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