Smart vs Programmable Thermostats In Florida

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Heating and air conditioning costs can reach well over 50% of your homes energy bill each month.

Thermostats and having precise control of your temperature play a major role in your electric bill each month. The benefits and features vary between Programmable Thermostats and Smart Thermostats.

One similarity is that they can both save you money on your electric bill each month. We have selected some of the major features of each thermostat and will help you determine which one is right for you.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable Thermostats will reduce cooling expenses up to 20 percent or more when properly operated. A major benefit of programmable thermostats is that it allows you to program the thermostat based upon your schedule, thus saving energy when you’re not home.

There are a wide variety of Programmable Thermostat models that available.

This will allow you to match your household habits and program them easily into your system. This is very helpful because it allows different cooling cycles to operate which can be set differently for each day of the week.

Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats allow many of the same features but with added benefits.

A Smart Thermostat allows easy programing through a Wi-Fi connection. This feature allows you to program your thermostat through your computer, smart phone or mobile device. It will monitor your household routine and recognizes when family members return home.

When the home is unoccupied the thermostat recognizes this and will save the consumer energy. This can reduce cooling costs over 20 percent and can improve air conditioning efficiency.

Select models provide self-adjustment based on conditions such as humidity and will notify you when the temperature adjustments occur. On select features you can operate lights in the home making it appear occupied when you’re not home.

Another great feature of some models is that it provides notification when a filter needs to be changed, or maintenance issues occur, and when programmed it can even notify your HVAC technician.

Making the Decision

Select Programmable Thermostats when the following applies:

  • You leave the A/C running or forget to adjust the thermostat before leaving.
  • You want the advantage of using rate discounts.
  • Saving energy is a priority.


Select a Smart Thermostat if the following applies:

  • You prefer the thermostat to program itself.
  • You do not mind spending extra for advanced features.
  • You have an irregular schedule.
  • You prefer the convenience of adjusting the thermostat remotely.
  • When monitoring, tracking, and charting energy usage to identify waste and ways to save energy and money are compelling.

Benefits of Installing a Thermostat

Both thermostats are a great choice and will help you save money. All Star Heating & Cooling can help you chose the specific thermostat that will fit your needs best . If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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