What You Need to Know About Dirty A/C Coils

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Dirty coils can lead to the misdiagnosed HVAC issues. Stop spending money on unnecessary repairs and get regular maintenance on your evaporator coils!
Is your air conditioner unit not working like it used to? The solution could be as simple as maintaining your evaporator coils. 


What happens when my evaporator coils are dirty?

According to the US Department of Energy, dirty coils increase compressor energy by 30% meaning your air conditioning system works much harder than it should to pump cool air and reach your desired temperature when it isn’t maintained properly.

Dirty coils can also lead to poor indoor air quality, the misdiagnosis of HVAC issues, and even overspending on energy bills and repairs that could have been prevented with professional maintenance. 

How do regular coil cleanings improve my indoor air quality?

Regularly scheduled Air Conditioning Maintenance is not only essential for proper a/c unit functioning, but contributes to the quality of your indoor air as well. 

Build up on your coils can easily expose your indoor air to contaminants such as mold and fungi. These contaminants can create toxic allergenic fragments, also referred to as “macromolecular organic dust“, that are hazardous to your health and also greatly decrease the efficiency of your a/c unit.


How often should a/c evaporator coils be cleaned?

All air conditioning systems have a tendency to become polluted after years of use and lose efficiency over time, but without regular yearly maintenance– especially when it comes to a/c coil cleaning-  your system won’t operate at its rated efficiency and, furthermore, will greatly decrease the life expectancy of your investment. 

If you make sure that the evaporator coils are clean and properly maintained, you will improve your IAQ as well as your overall comfort, all while saving on costly a/c repairs and a/c replacements

How much does it cost to clean a/c coils?

There are a few factors and circumstances that will determine how much your coil cleaning costs and what approach needs to be taken in the cleaning and maintenance of your specific a/c unit. 

Remember- cleaning of coils should always be done by a professional. You can always call us or submit our estimate form for a no-obligation consultation.


How much can I save on my energy bills if I clean my coils?

You can expect an immediate energy savings of at least 10% following a coil cleaning, according to The HVAC High Efficiency Systems Strategy report The Measures 5. 

Having Clean Air Conditioning Coils is a necessity in making sure that you’re getting the most out of your a/c unit.

Clean coils means improved airflow, improved air quality, improved savings, and improved comfort. 

So, get the most out of your air conditioning with our team of Comfort Specialists at All Star Heating and Cooling. 

If you need professional HVAC maintenance and evaporator coil cleaning by a reliable local company you can trust, please give us a call or request an estimate and contact our Comfort Specialists today. 
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