5 Ways to Help Protect Your A/C System During a Hurricane

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What can you do to help protect your A/C system from damage during a Hurricane or Tropical Storm? At All Star Heating & Cooling we recommend you take these 5 steps to prevent A/C system damage this storm season.

Take Action Before the Storm Hits!


1.) Turn off Your A/C System


Make sure you turn off your Air Conditioning system at the circuit breaker to ensure that the A/C unit is completely turned off. Hurricanes and strong tropical storms can definitely cause power surges.


Power surges can cause serious damage to your A/C system as well as electrical fires that could put you, your family, and your home in danger.

2.) Remove Window A/C Units


If you have a window unit, it is very important to remember to remove it from the window and close the window. It’s very common during a hurricane or strong tropical storm for window A/C units to be easily ripped right out of the window and this can cause severe damage to the A/C unit and your home.


3.) Cover Your Outdoor Unit


If you have a central Air Conditioning system in your Florida home, then you will need to protect your outdoor unit. You can use a specially designed vinyl condenser cover or a tarp that is properly secured to withstand hurricane force winds.


To offer the most protection from flying debris it is best to use a pre-fabricated decorative metal or wood frame. Plywood can also be used to help protect your system from any heavy winds or rains that could damage it.

4.) Prepare a Backup Generator


Most hurricanes and strong tropical storms can leave you and your home without any electrical power. When the storm passes don’t find yourself without power or running A/C to cool your home! A backup generator is the best way to ensure you and your family having a running air conditioning system after the storm passes.


5.) Secure Your Homes Outdoor Area & Pickup Loose Items


It’s also very important to walk around your home securing any and all loose items. Tools, patio furniture and children’s toys all need to be cleared from your yard.


During a hurricane or strong tropical storm, many of these items can become very dangerous flying projectiles that can be tossed around by strong gusts of wind and can easily end up causing damage to your A/C system.


Make sure that any outdoor air conditioners are secured with hurricane straps to protect them from hurricane force winds.

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Hurricane Checklist

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