5 Ways to Help Protect Your A/C System During a Hurricane

Take Action Before the Storm Hits!

So what can you do to help protect your A/C system from damage during a Hurricane or Tropical Storm. All Star Heating & Cooling has provided 5 steps you can take to help protect your A/C system this hurricane season.

1.) Turn off Your A/C System

Make sure you turn off your Air Conditioning system at the circuit breaker to ensure that the A/C unit is completely turned off. Hurricanes and strong tropical storms can definitely cause power surges. Power surges can cause serious damage to your A/C system as well as electrical fires that could put you, your family, and your home in danger.

Hurricane Preparation HVAC Storm Tips Turn off Your AC System

2.) Remove Window A/C Units

Hurricane Preparation Remove Window AC SystemIf you have a window unit, it is very important to remember to remove it from the window and close the window. It’s very common during a hurricane or strong tropical storm for window A/C units to be easily ripped right out of the window and this can cause severe damage to the A/C unit and your home.

3.) Cover Your Outdoor Unit

If you have a central Air Conditioning system in your Florida home, then you will need to protect your outdoor unit. You can use a specially designed vinyl condenser cover or a tarp that is properly secured to withstand hurricane force winds. To offer the most protection from flying debris it is best to use a pre fabricated decorative metal or wood frame. Plywood can also be used to help protect your system from any heavy winds or rains that could damage it.

Hurricane Preparation Cover AC Condensor

4.) Prepare a Backup Generator

Most hurricanes and in some cases strong tropical storms can leave you and your home without any electrical power. When the storm passes don’t find yourself without power and no running A/C to cool your home. A backup generator is the best way to ensure you and your family having a running air conditioning system after the storm passes.

Backup Generator AC System Installation Port Richey Florida

5.) Secure Your Homes Outdoor Area & Pickup Loose Items

It’s also very important to walk around your home securing any and all loose items. Tools, patio furniture and children’s toys all need to be cleared from your yard. During a hurricane or strong tropical storm, many of these items can become very dangerous flying projectiles that can be tossed around by strong gusts of wind and can easily end up causing damage to your A/C system. Make sure that any outdoor air conditioners are secured with hurricane straps to protect them from hurricane force winds.

HVAC Hurricane Preparation 2017

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Hurricane Checklist

Hurricane Checklist HVAC

4 Signs an A/C Company has Great Customer Service

HVAC companies rely a large amount of time on referrals and word of mouth, as they’re typically local businesses that provide service to local home and business owners. As such, a much higher priority is placed on providing excellent customer service in order to capture and retain the local target audience to maintain positive reviews. At All Star Heating & Cooling, you get experienced technicians that are courteous and focus on providing the very best customer service, high quality products & services, and affordable pricing. This weeks article we are going to discuss the importance of excellent customer service in the HVAC industry.

Air Conditioning Company with Excellent Customer Service

1. Availability

When you call an A/C company to setup an appointment, it should be very easy to get a time that fits your schedule. It’s very common for a reputable A/C company to have very good history for visiting customers any time of the day including the middle of the night. Whether it’s a cold winter night with no heat or a hot summer day in need of A/C repair. No matter the heating & cooling emergency, it’s important that a good A/C company offers reliable 24/7 emergency repair services to accommodate both families and businesses. Having a person answer the phone when you call is also very important. An A/C company with excellent customer service should always have a person answering the phone to setup appointments and give helpful advice. Getting a solution to your problem should be a simple process, it shouldn’t take speaking to three different people, filling out multiple online forms, and leaving voicemails.

2. Trust

When it comes to interacting with customers, trust should play a very important role. A quality A/C company will always looks to gain a long-lasting business relationship with each client instead of trying to make a quick buck. A good A/C company understands that trust doesn’t happen over night, it is earned over time by the company looking to gain your trust. The company you hire should certainly understand the importance of showing up on time. All Star Heating and Air Conditioning is a name and company you can trust and is proud to be A+ rated with Better Business Bureau.

3. Reliability

Providing superior customer service is our number one goal at All Star and we take great pride in being reliable. When you book an appointment with a heating and air conditioning company they need to be reliable and they should be there at the scheduled time. Breakdowns in your heating and air conditioning unit can happen anytime not just during normal business hours. It’s important to choose a company that is available to you 24/7. A reliable heating and air conditioning company should always be ready to assist you especially in emergency situations. Summer temps in Tampa Bay can reach well into the 100’s. When your Air Conditioning breaks down in the middle of the sweltering heat you need to have a reliable company that will be there promptly to make any repairs that are needed. With All Star we care about each customer and their comfort and when you schedule an appointment with us we’ll be there!

4. Repeat Business

Providing excellent service to every customer will lead to repeat business. Consistency of service is very important when striving to retain clients. Our goal is to provide each customer with the stellar service that they deserve. We want to have you as a customer for life. Choosing a heating and air conditioning company can be difficult because their are many to choose from. However many of these companies unfortunately are wanting just to make a quick dollar. At All Star we want to retain you as a customer, therefore we are going to provide you with the experience that you deserve.

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Save Money on Heating & Cooling During Florida Fall and Winter Months

Save Money on Heating & Cooling During the Fall and Winter Seasons in Florida: How to Use Circulating Ceiling Fans, Table Fans, and Floor Fans to Help You Save Money on Your Next Energy Bill

Save Money on Heating & Cooling FloridaWouldn’t it be nice to save on your heating & cooling bill during this Holiday season. As the Holiday season approaches so does the cooler weather associated with the Fall and Winter months. During these cooler months you could be saving a good amount of money by using circulating fans like ceiling fans, portable table fans, floor fans, desktop fans, and fans mounted to poles or walls tabletop to produce a comfortable more inexpensive way of cooling your home. Circulating fans can be a very inexpensive and effective way of cooling rooms in your home, especially when used in the most efficient way.

Think about creating a windchill
Circulating fans create what is known as a “windchill” the cool feeling on your skin when air comes in contact and blows past it. With this simple cooling effect it is very important to know that this only affects the way people feel. A fan cannot change the actual temperature that is being shown on your home thermostat unless it’s circulating the air in a way that it is bringing cooler air in from somewhere else. But, even in a closed room, it can still make a noticeable difference in the level of comfort that you experience.

Choosing circulating ceiling fans and portable table fans
If you have to choose, it is best to go with circulating ceiling fans. Even though these are the more expensive choice, they are much larger and can be more effective in circulating the air around you. Since hot air rises, a ceiling fan is also much more effective at circulating the warmer air out of a room, especially during the night time. When choosing the right fan for your home it is best to choose a fan, it is best to look for a fan with a good Energy Star rating and has larger, fan blades to get the most air circulation while using the least amount of energy. For multi-level homes portable table fans are a good choice in the upper levels of your home and help deliver a more effective way of circulating warm air.

Changing your thermostat
According to the United States Government at Energy.gov it is best to adjust your thermostat and raise the temperature by about 4 degrees when using a circulating fans in your home. The windchill effect caused by the circulating fans will help makeup the for the difference in temperature, raising the thermostat temperature will help ensure that the use of energy efficient fans will help lower your energy bill during the cooler fall and winter months here in Florida

Changing the direction of your ceiling fan as seasons change
During summer months, it is best to have the air blowing downward and more directly on you in order to experience the so called wind chill effect that your body will feel, so it is best to make sure during these warmer months that the air is blowing directly on you. During the fall and winter months in the Tampa Bay Florida area, when the air is a little cooler outside, you really don’t need the windchill effect, so it is best to adjust the switches on your ceiling fan to make sure that the air flow is moving up. By adjusting the direction of airflow during the cooler months of the year you will be using air circulation instead of a direct windchill cooling effect. The focus during the cooler months is to circulate warmer air out of your home drawing in the cooler air from outside.

Turn OFF the A/C system during the cooler Fall and Winter months in Florida
In order to save the most money during the cooler months here in Florida turn OFF your A/C and rely on Mother Nature and circulating fans. During the cooler months here in Florida you can experience the most money saving on your energy bill by turning OFF your air conditioning system. Try turning off your A/C system, open the windows in your home, and turn on the fans in your home. Depending on your specific home and understanding how air flow works, you can save a lot of money strategically pushing air out of your home and circulating the cooler air from outside into your home. Since each home is different, it is best to experiment with the various ways you can combine open windows and fans to best circulate the cool air in and the warm air out of your home. Trying different combinations will help you discover the very best method to help you save the most money on your next energy bill.

Contact All Star Heating & Cooling Inc. Located in Port Richey, Florida to Learn More Ways to Help You Save on Your Heating & Cooling

For more ways to save on your heating and cooling during Florida Fall and Winter months it is best to contact us a reliable HVAC Contractor like All Star Heating & Cooling, Inc. located in Port Richey, Florida and providing services throughout the entire Tampa Bay area including Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Citrus, Sumter, Lake, Manatee, and Marion Counties.

Home Maintenance Tips For Your Air Conditioner

Their are many ways that you can help maintain your air conditioning system with Do-It-Yourself home maintenance tips for your air conditioner. Doing a quick assessment every month of your air conditioning unit can save you time and money in the future. Maintaining your central air conditioning system is the best way to assure your system keeps working efficiently for many years.

Make Sure The Air Conditioning  Filter is Clean

Clean Dirty Air Filters In Your HomeOne of the first home maintenance tips for your Air conditioner is to asses the cleanliness of your air conditioning filter. A good rule of thumb is to assess them every other month. The filter is an essential part of keeping debris and dust out of your system.  The more occupants you have in your home the more frequently you should assess your filters. If you have multiple pet’s in the home you should also check your filters more frequently. Pet’s have a tendency to shed thus causing your filters to clog more easily. Allergen sufferers should also check your AC filters more frequently to decrease allergens in the air.

It is also recommended that you hire a professional licensed HVAC company at least once a year to inspect your air conditioning system, making sure your unit is operating the way it should. Even though regular home maintenance and regular filter changing is performed by home owners, it is still essential to have a licensed HVAC specialist perform a 24 point inspection that includes, looking inside your unit making sure you have clean air conditioning coils and the entire AC system is working properly and efficiently.

Inspect the Outside Condenser

The Condenser is the outside component of your air conditioning system. The condenser needs to be free of anything that it can pull into it to harm it. Leaves, dirt, and other debris can get caught in the condenser fins. The condenser fins are the metallic blades that surround the unit. These fins frequently get dirty because the central fan sucks them through. The debris can block the airflow and greatly reduce the units full cooling capability. Insuring the shrubs and landscaping are kept at least 2-3 feet away from the condenser will lessen the chance of the build up of debris. Cottonwood also known as Populus trees should be kept far away from the condenser. This is one of the most common trees found across North America and it also disperses floating “cotton.” This floating “cotton” is one of the worst types of debris to clean from your condenser fins. Please insure that none of the trees are remotely near your condenser. This will save you a huge headache when it comes time to clean the inside of your condenser.

Visual inspect your ductwork

You can normally inspect your homes ductwork on your home. If you are able to access your attic with ease there are some important things to check for. Check and see if there are any tears in the protective coating of the ductwork. Note any kinks or flattened areas that you see as well as exposed insulation. If nothing turns up during your visual inspection and you still hear sounds coming from your attic it may be something else. Rattling or banging noises could indicate loose connections or poor sealing. Undetermined noises or other cooling issues warrants a call for a professional. Our certified technicians at All Star Heating and Cooling will determine the cause and give you the best remedy to get your ductwork back up to par.

Properly Winterize the Unit

Fortunately it’s not hard to winterize your air condition unit. Unfortunately many people living in Florida feel their is no need to do so. Even in Florida we still need to take care of our air conditioning unit during the winter months. The peak of the cold season in Florida is from mid December to mid March. Many times in Florida winter air conditioners could be shut off for weeks at a time. Before and during this time insure that any debris is removed from around the condenser. Since we do not experience a great amount or if any snow in Florida covering your condenser is not necessary. Many “snowbirds” will cover their condensers in the northern states which may be helpful. But covering your condenser even in the winter months in Florida can trap humidity and even damage your condenser. Just remember the need to clean debris and clip any oversize branches nearby. These few tips will help insure that your air conditioning unit is ready to go when the temperature outside rises.

Periodically Rinse Your Condenser

Safety always comes first when tackling any do it yourself projects. Before any maintenance is done to your condenser insure that the power supply is disconnected. Check and re-check that you have a safe environment and maintain this thought while completing this task. With a garden house you can clean the outside of the condenser and free it from dirt and debris. The fins of the condenser as well as the fan can be cleaned with the proper tools. A small vacuum and brush will be needed as well as a little time. Any coolant or electrical components should always warrant a call to a professional. All Star Heating & Cooling can test to see if any coolant is leaking as well as assess any electrical issues that may be going on and ensure that your air conditioning condenser is being properly maintained.

All Star Heating & Cooling is proud to offer service to Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Citrus, Sumter, Lake, Manatee, and Marion Counties. Call us today for a free estimate!


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Needing to upgrade your home Heating & Air Conditioning?

If yes then, All Star Heating & Cooling is very pleased to bring you PACE Financing Program to help you with financing.

PACE Finance Program HVAC Tampa Bay Florida

The PACE Financing Program

P.A.C.E. (Property Assessed Clean Energy) is an innovative financing program that allows property owners to make eligible improvements to their homes or businesses that is then repaid back through your property taxes. PACE provides homeowners more access to often cost prohibitive energy-efficient options that they otherwise could not afford, and because PACE is financed as an assessment on the property, repayments are made through the owner’s property taxes.

PACE Finance Program For Heating and Cooling Companies

PACE Financing Program HVAC Florida

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COVID-19 Response Plan

All Star Heating & Cooling has been deemed an essential business and will remain open for business and will to continue to provide the same excellent HVAC services to our community and is ready to take care of all of your heating and cooling needs. We specialize in indoor air quality and indoor air purification system installation.

With the current health crises and stay-at-home order issued to all Florida residents, we want to assure you that All Star Heating & Cooling is always prepared and ready to serve our community even in the toughest of times. We take pride in providing customers with the highest quality products and services. Our focus is to deliver the same great customer service even in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is why we have taken the following steps outlined below to keep SAFETY & HOME COMFORT our top priority, while performing any new installation or maintenance on your home's heating and cooling system during the COVID-19 pandemic, making sure it is safe for you and our technician.

The steps we have implemented during the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Our team will be following all the hygiene recommendations of the CDC as applicable. Each technician has disposable gloves to wear, and is carrying anti-bacterial soap and water so that they can wash their hands after every call.
  • All trucks and tools will be cleaned on a daily basis.
  • If you have experienced any illness in your home or have been in contact with someone known to have experienced illness, please let the dispatcher know so we can take proper precautions for our technician’s health and anyone they interact with during their day.
  • Per social distancing, we will not be shaking hands (although we will greet you with a smile).
  • We have waived the requirement for you to sign a tablet or paper at the completion of work, a simple verbal OK will now be taken as acceptance.
  • If it is necessary for us to repair your indoor unit (located in a closet or your laundry room) we will limit the amount of time spent in the home to the best of our abilities.
  • During a regular Maintenance tune-up we may ask you to raise or lower the temperature on your thermostat so that our technician does not have to enter your home.

All Star Heating & Cooling has always put safety first and we will continue to take the necessary precautions in order to keep our commitment to all of you. Thank you for choosing All Star Heating & Cooling!